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D.Gomes, M.Fernández-Delgado, S.Barro , "Polytope ARTMAP: Pattern Classification Without Vigilance Based on General Geometry Categories", IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, vol. 18, issue 5: IEEE, pp. 1306-1325, 09/2007.
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Dinani Gomes Amorim , Redes ART con categorias internas de geometria irregular, , 2007  .
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D.Gomes, M.Fernández-Delgado, S.Barro , "Internal categories with irregular geometry and overlapping in ART networks", Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, vol. 4177, Santiago de Compostela (ESPAÑA), Springer, pp. 291-300, 14/11/2005. Abstract
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D.Gomes, M.Fernández-Delgado, S.Barro , "A vigilance-free ART network with general geometry internal categories", International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Montreal (Canadá), pp. 463 - 468, 31/07/2005. Abstract
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D.Gomes, S.Barro, M.Fernández-Delgado , "Categorías internas con geometrías irregulares y superposición en redes ART", XI Conferencia de la Asociación Española para la Inteligencia Artificial, vol. 2, Santiago de Compostela (ESPAÑA), pp. 81-90, 14/11/2005.
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D.Gomes, M.Fernández-Delgado, S.Barro , "Simplex ARTMAP: building general geometry borders among predictions with simplex-shaped classes", Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing 2004, Marbella (España), 01/09/2004.
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