OPENET4VE: A Platform for the Execution of IMS LD Units of Learning in Virtual Environments

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services, Sousse, Túnez, p.472-474 (2010)




Service-Oriented Architecture; IMS Learning Design; B.Fernández; M.Lama; J.C.Vidal; E.Sánchez; A.Bugarín; Virtual Worlds


This paper describes a service-oriented architecture
that facilitates the execution of learning units, based on the
IMS Learning Design specification (IMS LD), in a metaverse
platform like Second Life or OpenSim. This architecture externalizes
the functionalities of the IMS LD engine through
web services that are invoked by metaverse platform scripts. A
software module that translates the requests of the virtual platform
has been developed in order to facilitate this invocation
and a virtual teaching scenario has been designed to test the
feasibility of this architecture.